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Handy, Moby and Low Tide

Wednesday November 28, 2012
Site 83 Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina


Low tide leaves a wide beach and tide pools.

The Duckie brothers like Tide Pools.  They aren’t big enough to contend with ocean waves.  So we take them out for a swim on our beach walk today.


Ocean front walk 123


When they waddle out of the water, a new friend shows up to meet them.


Ocean front walk 126



What a difference 6 hours makes.

Remember the raging “River Jordan” that we had to wade through a few days ago?  That was near high tide.  Here it is at low tide.  The tides are 6 hours apart.  Even the Duckies can hardly swim in it now.


Ocean front walk 129


Not much problem making it to the other side.  No “wade in the water” today.

Ocean front walk 131


Every time I walk this stretch of beach I see so many interesting things.

Hunting Island is well known for its Loggerhead Turtle nesting grounds.  Turtles nest during May all over the Sea Islands and the efforts to protect them are strong.   We see one of the cages used to protect a nest.  It has been left on high ground.  I’d love to be here for the month of May but at $31 a night, that’s too much of a strain on our budget.


Ocean front walk 134



Very near the nest cage we see what we think is the lone remaining cabin rental.  I swear there was a no trespassing sign although I don’t see it in any of the pictures when I look at them later.  Sign or no sign, David has to check it out. Nice ocean front spot at this point.  Probably the furthest back from it originally which is why it is still here, or is at least for now.


Ocean front walk 137


These huge driftwood trees are as smooth as if they were sanded.  I guess a tree that doesn’t really move can’t be said to “drift” so what do you call a tree that is now in the ocean during high tide but just hangs out on the beach looking white and feeling smooth during low tide??


Ocean front walk 139


Looking more closely, I call it beautiful. 
Nature’s patterns. 
Just amazing!


Ocean front walk 142


Ocean front walk 146A


Based on these shadows, I’m seeing that it looks like it’s time to head back.


Ocean front walk 148



Beach foam?  Beach bubbles?   I asked Mark at the Nature Center.  He says it’s actually brine from the waves.Ocean front walk 150


Wonder whose great idea this was??

Ocean front walk 152


Obstacles on the beach.  How to get around or over or under.  Not so bad at low tide.  Imagine at high tide.

Note to self to try this walk at high tide.
Ocean front walk 155

Ocean front walk 156


We make it back to the” River Jordan” Crossing.  David takes this picture from “the other side”.

Ocean front walk 157


My legs are just long enough!  Reminds me of Itasca State Park in Minnesota where I straddled the mighty Mississippi. 

Ocean front walk 158


Near the campground, more of Nature’s just amazing patterns.

Ocean front walk 159


Ocean front walk 160


There is no end of great people watching on the beach at low or high tide.


Ocean front walk 162


  1. Thanks for the walk along the beach. Maybe in a few months I'll be up to doing it myself! :)


    1. Sure hope so Judy. You are welcome for the walk. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Maybe he was helping someone walk dogs? can't imagine having 4 dogs.... i swear 2 is my limit!! Loved the walk on the beach, i think they are driftwood.... they drifted there, right? We lots of trees/stumps/logs on the Oregon Coast. It is always a treat to see all the different configerations. Have a happy day!!

  3. Oh my!! We were at Hunting Island just a couple of days ago for a look see. Had we known you were there, we would have stopped in for a hello!

    1. Welcome to my blog Michael and Dee. I've been posting from Hunting Island for the past 2 weeks or so. Sorry we didn't see you. Perhaps we will cross paths again.

  4. Nice to see Duckies got out and about!!

    That is a beautiful beach and NATURE IS AMAZING:o)))

  5. wow great pictures...felt just like I was there straddling with you...thats alot of yorkies :)....so you didn't say was someone in the house or not?

    1. You are right Elaine, I should have said there was no one in the house. One of the reasons I didn't go with David was that I didn't want to intrude in case there was someone renting it.

  6. Maybe he was playing John Philip Sousa ... I've done that...

    Nature’s patterns.
    Just amazing!


  7. The stranded wood sculptures have a marvelous texture and are rather like a jungle gym from the sea.

  8. Happy to see some great outdoor fun. Walks on the beach are so therapeutic for the soul. We'll be getting snow later this week... my outdoor days are numbered since I obviously have trouble walking on dry land.

  9. Maybe you should do your morning run around all that driftwood. Some hurdles thrown in might make your jog slightly more interesting...

    Mother Nature is an artist! :c)

  10. I sure enjoy walking on the beach with you. Nice to cause I don't get my feet wet :) I remember at Seaside, OR TT one year, a couple had four Yorkies outside in a little portable pen. It was always fun watching them walk them. The tree roots are so beautiful. Those kiddos looked like they were having fun.

  11. Cool photos! The last one made me giggle. With only Oliver and Olivia on leash, I find myself doing the same dance!

  12. Isn't it amazing and wonderful how every tide cycle renews the beach.

  13. Love your beach walks! Thanks for allowing us to tag along. So glad David is feeling well enough to venture out and that you two are making some wonderful memories. I really could go for a beach walk right about now. Well, providing it was a wee bit warmer at least than it is here! Carry on, you guys! Hugs . . .

  14. Don't you just love the textures in the sand at low tide. I remember spending hours enjoying them when we were at Siesta Key several years ago. We'll be checking out Hunting Island in a few days while we're at Parris Island ... may then move there for a while or keep going and catch the park on our way back up south.

  15. Love you little duck friends. And of course I love the pictures. Great trees

  16. Beautiful beach pics. Walking along any beach is one of our favourite pastimes no matter what time of year it is.

  17. Whoa lady with four dogs - impressive kick there!! That wasn't the exact 'Jordan' crossing, but it is interesting how the landscape changes so much with the tides. You found a fully formed sand dollar - that really is a special find! I also like the shadow pictures - unique in their own way.


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