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We are adopted – temporarily

Thursday November 29, 2012
Site 81  Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina


We’re hoping to see the strong pre sunrise colors so we’re out on the beach 30 minutes before sunrise.


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 005


  This morning’s sunrise has a low horizon line of dark gray clouds.  The color appears on top of it.

The colors mute as the flaming ball gets closer and closer to rising out of the water.

Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 020


We don’t see it rise out of the water, only out of the clouds.  But still mighty fine.

Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 039

Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 041


After some breakfast, we decide to go down to the old Cabin road and see if there are any remnants of the old cabins.  You can’t walk down the old cabin road any more.  There is no road.  The sea took it.  You have to walk down the beach front now. 

We set out from the Nature Center and as we pass by one of the houses adjoining the parking lot, a hitchhiker picks us up.
I think she will only follow a short ways and turn back.


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 057


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 061


We’re getting pretty far down the road toward the bridge.  We tell her to “go on home now”.

Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 064


She pauses, thinks……looks back at me………


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 065


But she comes right along.


We see the sign for the road to the cabins which is no longer blacktop and see that it is now sand and goes about 12 feet and ends.  So we walk out on the beach front.

Hunting Island has lost 11 of its 12  cabins since 2008 because of changes in local currents and sand supply to the beach.    Regional and Local shoreline changes and global sea-level rise are said to be the cause along with unusually high tides. 

A cabin rented in 2008 was lost to the sea before rental season of 2009.

The houses on the sea side of cabin road are all gone except for one which is now all alone on the bare sand at low tide and out in the ocean at high. How it keeps standing there is a  wonder.  


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 067


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 068


Remnants of the road and the utilities remain

Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 071


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 070



On down the beach

Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 073


we find the cabin we had seen in 2010 and thought was in a lovely spot as the last one on the South End.

Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 074


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 076



As we near the end of the beach our hitchhiker spies something unusual.


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 083


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 085


I love the Pooh and consider him a Tao Master.  Should I leave him here to meditate on the beach erosion situation?  Or rescue him?


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 087


We reach the end of the island and can see back down to the bridge we have taken from the visitor’s center.


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 098


We turn around and start back down the beach

Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 088


At this point our hitchhiker decides she’d rather ride


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 100

Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 101

Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 102

Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 105

Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 106

Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 107

Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 108



David starts back up the beach giving her a ride but after a bit she decides better of it and launches herself down to the ground.


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 111



We pass the houses again and I take a few more shots of the devastation.  We hadn’t thought there would be so little left since our November 2010 visit.


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 121


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 122


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 123


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 126


As we go back across the bridge we notice how low the tide is.  We’ve never seen the sandbars in the lagoon before.


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 133


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 134


We also see another Dolphin. But getting a picture is nearly impossible.  He is out there if you look closely.   I wouldn’t have expected one at low tide but then I’m not a dolphin, so what do I know.


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 140



As we walk the last section of the path before returning to the parking lot, we discuss what to do about our hitchhiker.  She’s a sweetheart and is wearing a collar though no tags.  She must be someone’s pet.


Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 139


But luckily, when we walk by what we hope is her house she says so long and lays down under a bush in the yard.  Guess she just wanted some folks to go on a hike with. 

We once had a hiking cat named Puddentaine who wandered the trails we’d put on our property with us and our two beagles.  I miss them and her so it was great fun to have our feline hitchhiker along today.
Guess we haven’t been adopted after all only borrowed temporarily.


  1. Puddentaine...Mom used to call me that....
    Love that 1st picture, with the oat grass..? Pretty.. Another lovely walk!!

  2. That kitty sure chose a great couple to go hiking with. A beautiful day and a beautiful hike.

    The ocean surely is a powerful source, having lived on the beach in NJ for 11 years, we watched the sand come and go and the millions spent dredging the ship channels. It's almost like the shoreline is a living, moving thing.

    Of course, the sand could be vanishing in the shoes of all the visiting tourists! ;c)

  3. I really enjoyed the photos and commentary. I think Puddentaine is an old Southern term of endearance, isn't it?

  4. Awesome walk and interesting to see the changes. Often I think people have built in area's far to dangerous because of the view or proximity to the waterfront. They build counting on the averages and when the storms come they are shocked! I'm not sure that I will ever understand such thinking. Loved your kitty traveler.

  5. Ohhhhh, that kitty is sooooo cute!! And you know we're suckers for kitties.

  6. Those first pics of the sunrise were phenomenal! Absolutely beautiful!

  7. Thats hilarious. Arent animals the greatest? That was a great hiking tour... thanks.

  8. I'm loving your daily walks and would be a hitch hiker too.

  9. How cute that the kitty went along for the walk. Did you decide to rescue Pooh, or leave him to watch the tide? :)

  10. I was really getting worried about the kitten....glad to hear she has a home.

  11. gorgeous sunrise...sad to see such devastation...so did you rescue Pooh??? looks like you both had a great day..Hope David continues to feel good..

  12. Cute kitty. We had a dog adopt us like that when we set out to hike into Ushuaia from our hotel on the outskirts of town; we eventually got him to go back as we didn't want him to run out into the traffic once we got to the main thoroughfare. It was nice to have his company for a while.

  13. Can't think of anyone better to hike along with...that's one lucky kitty! Interesting on the loss of the cottages...and to find that pooh bear - have to wonder about all the stories that happened there days past.

  14. Enjoyed the cat story. We had a cat, Oreo, who loved to hitch a ride on anyone's shoulders. Too cute!
    It's a shame about those cabins but that's what happens when building takes place on a barrier island.

  15. Great story and beautiful photos! Strange to see that house out on the beach on stilts.

  16. Aww...kitty...I'm so sorry I missed the hitch-hiker!! Impressive climbing skills and to walk so long over at least some wet terrain, I'm impressed. And she found a pooh bear - I know how you love pooh so that's kind of neat in and of itself. The sunrise pictures, as other commenters have said...definitely beautiful.

  17. Love all the photos. The one of David with the kitty around his neck looks like he is walking through snow!?!?! Keep having fun it does our hearts good:o))

  18. Thanks for the inspiration to get out and see a sunrise. What beautiful photos of your lovely walk! Sad to see the loss of the cabins and changing shoreline.

  19. Great story and pictures, did Pooh get a new home?


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