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Celebration continues

December 22, 2012
Site 6 Oscar Scherer State Park
Osprey, Florida


Santa does find us here in Osprey Florida.

After a wonderful Solstice Eve and a great night’s sleep, today is our day to exchange gifts and be thankful for the rising sun, longer days, love, laughter and life.

Our gift giving takes all day long.  We like to savor it.





Remember those pastries - finally.  Mmmmmm

Solstice 2012 022

Totally worth the wait.

Pecan Roll



A little coffee for those who enjoy the evil brew.



Then it’s on to opening.  Santa brings Carrie a small umbrella decorated in the shells she’s seen on Nokomis beach.  It’s a hit.  Well done Santa!



Santa brings me a Florida Parks Pass and a Passport book to go with it.  Yea Santa!  He even got it stamped at Gamble Rogers.  How DID he do that?  Now I can go back to all the parks I’ve been to and get those stamps!



Santa thinks David needs more light in his life for 2013 so he brings him some.   A huge roll in fact.  He can drape them anywhere he wants.


Solstice 2012 060A


It’s over 2 hours later now and time to fix some real breakfast.
Carrie and I go out running and when we come back the traditional feast is ready.
All Hail the chef!



It tastes as great as it looks.

Solstice 2012 073



And now for a few more gifts.

The Boyd women like books.  They give them to each other.
Carrie gets 4 new to her books and two new journals.  Like her mother, she’s a journaler.


Solstice 2012 082A






I am speechless when I open a package with the latest book in hardback by two of my very favorite authors, Mary Oliver and Barbara Kingsolver. 
Oh what fun!  Carrie you are the best!




A special award for David.



A gift certificate actually.  We don’t have TiVo, don’t want to have to watch TV at a certain time on  a certain day and can’t stream videos because of limited band width.  SO David’s gift certificate will bring Season 3 of Downton Abbey right to him on DVD.  Thanks Carrie!
Just click the photo if you’d like to read the “award”.



Time for a card break.

In her stocking Carrie finds a pack of Uno Cards so it’s time to stop and play a few rounds. 

Solstice 2012 070


We’ve had a late breakfast and lots of stocking snacks.  No one is hungry for lunch.  More presents?  You bet!


Fleece shirt and pants for the guy with no fat on his body.  Even in Florida it gets cold in the winter.  Define that as low 40’s and upper 30’s.



Great T shirt from Gamble Rogers.  Online Dating!  Too cute.  :-))


Solstice 2012 044

Star fish earrings.




It’s 3:30 in the afternoon by the time we make it to the final gift.


The final gift is a DOUBLE box from that famous Ohio Chocolatier Esther Price.  Milk chocolate coconut creams.  Be still my heart!
With thanks to my brother David and his wife Cindy.

Once upon a time I was Sherry Lloyd and my brother was and is David Lloyd and I married David Boyd.  There is lots of David confusion in my family.




After such wonderful sustenance I am ready to make the holiday dinner.  But first, I have to make the Solstice Cake and get it in the oven.




While the cake is cooling I put together another buffet extravaganza.  Good thing these eating holidays are almost over.

Solstice 2012 004



After dinner, the park provides the perfect evening entertainment.

They are having a holiday sing around the campfire complete with cookies and hot chocolate. Carrie and David head on over while I ice the cake and join them a little later.

Solstice 2012 018


It’s karaoke style and good thing too since lots of folks, including one of our three, don’t know all the words to the songs.  But at some points many of the singers are at the drinks and treats table including Mr. Boyd there on the left.


Solstice 2012 020


About 8:15 things wind up and we walk back to Winnona ready for our final Salute to the Sun and brighter longer days.


The Solstice cake! 

This is the world’s best chocolate cake with thick butter cream icing and will make any dedicated Vegan cringe but we cannot eliminate all traditions now can we?


Solstice 2012 037




The end of a GREAT day!!

Happy Yuletide to all and to all a good night!



  1. Looks to be a wonderful holiday. So glad you were able to spend it together.... Say hi to the David Clan!! lol Merry Christmas to you all!!

  2. What a nice tradition! Love it. You had a special day for all 3 of you.

  3. Oh, what wonderful pictures, both from Gamble Rogers and your current home. (Love the stockings!) I'm catching up, as usual, and really am amazed at Gamble Rogers park. My niece and her husband live in Florida now and I will definitely recommend it to them. So lovely! I, too, am a winter solstice celebrant because I don't like winter and long for more light. Even a couple of seconds more is great to me.

    It's rainy/sleety here today after a mild Christmas and Christmas Eve and I'm enjoying leftovers. Like y'all, we had a lot of present opening (not as deliberate as yours, I can assure you) and a lot of food. I won't forget this Christmas Eve any time soon since my 3-year-old granddaughter caught a stomach bug and we were up all night tending to her and doing laundry. Lots of it. I don't think that I've ever done laundry at 2:30 a.m. First time for everything! Fortunately, her one-year-old brother can sleep through anything and missed all of the excitement.

    I'm thinking of y'all all the time and your Florida weather as I gaze out at the falling sleet. Stay warm! Love the blog! -- Pam

  4. Well? I just don't have anything to say. You just have it all together and even a winter solstice cake...

    what fun and great pictures ... I'm not jealous... I'm not envious either.

    no I'm not...

  5. A very nice celebration ... fun to string out the gift exchange all day long ... gives everyone something to look forward to while enjoying those gifts that have already been opened.

  6. Looks like you had a great day, glad you enjoyed it!

  7. Do you have a mailing address in Florida? There's a little something I'd like to send you. :)

  8. You used a lot of my pictures - I'm glad - that one of you with the books really makes me smile :) It's nice to re-live the day through the blog - we certainly have such fun each and every year :)

  9. It is so much fun to see what the three of you get into. Everything thing is an adventure when you are all together. What a great day and such thoughtful presents!! Oh by the way, I know I saw that cake recipe in the Vegan Holiday Celebration Guide....REALLY;o))) But I want to know where the JMC was to put on top of the totally vegan cake!!!!

  10. What a special day that you were able to spend together! Loved the smiles that went along with the pictures. It's nice to see happiness for you all after the trying times of this past year.

    I got a kick out of your Solstice cake, with "Old Sol" on the icing. Very clever, but then that's what we all have come to expect from you. :c)

  11. Looks like a wonderful celebration. We love Kingsolver and Downton Abby.

  12. so happy to see you all together and enjoying your holiday...glad Carrie was with you too...love the certificate it brought a tear to my eye....

  13. What a fun blog, to be able to follow along on your long day of celebrations and gift giving... what a GOOD time... You all look so happy!!

  14. Looks like fun for all and you must have a special connection with Santa.

  15. What a wonderful family celebration! Love the idea of stretching the gift-giving out all day. We stopped giving each other gifts a long time ago, but if we did, that would be a fun way to do it :)

  16. What a marvelous day of giving and receiving. I'm coming for dinner next year. ;)

  17. Hi,I just hang out here "Lurking" to all you bloggers. I am very happy to see such a smile on all your faces, especially Davids' after the year you folks have experienced..
    Happy New Years!!!

  18. Oh Sherry, what a fun day!! You guys really know how to celebrate and make the most of each day. It's always fun to read about your family times together.

  19. Yay!! I am so glad Santa was able to provide you all with such thoughtful and meaningful gifts. I am especially excited to see you on possession of a state park passport! You'll have all those stamps on no time.

    I appreciate your celebration and tradition. It's that type of closeness we strive to provide for Olivia. Thank you for the great reminder of what's truly important!

  20. You kids are just adorable. Glad you had such a lovely day!
    The very best gift is the Downton Abbey award. Aren't you just dying to see Shirley MacLaine interact (hiss...MrrRoarRRRR! hisshiss) with Dame Maggie Smith?


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