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Gamble Rogers Nature Trail

Thursday  December 13, 2012
Site 4 Gamble Rogers State Park
Flagler Beach, Florida



When I go out pre dawn this morning, here’s what I see.

 Gamble Rogers Nature Walk 002

Yup, David’s lights are still on.  I ask him about it later and he SAYS that he decided to leave them on since he didn’t want to go back outside in the crummy weather.  So mark that down, he did not forget to turn them off.  He decided not to.




Gamble Rogers Nature Walk 010 

Same morning as most in the recent past, a no color sun rise. But very windy.  I’m  going running so I don’t stay as long as I’d like watching the water.  I want to get the running finished.


After I return and have some breakfast we decide that, given the weather, we’ll enter the cleaning competition.  We spend a few hours going over every surface at least in the front of the coach.  One picture of that will do I think.  But it looks great!  We’ll go through all the bins and reorganize them on another yucky day.  Probably tomorrow!

Gamble Rogers Nature Walk 013A


Too much work and not enough play makes……..well you know that story.  So after lunch we head out in the wind for the park’s nature trail which I have already run and know will be a cozy walk protected and out of the wind.

The trail is a very nice 1 mile walk with an amazing variety of trees many of which have sign posts explaining what they are.  We saw the Southern Red Cedar, the Sable Palm, the Red Bay, and the Live Sand Oak to name a few.  Feels like a Hobbit movie.

 Gamble Rogers Nature Walk 015

There’s definitely plenty of moisture around here to make these resurrection ferns very happy

Gamble Rogers Nature Walk 017


Gamble Rogers Nature Walk 021

This Spanish Bayonet is a very different looking Yucca plant from the ones we had at the farm.  Same flowers, different looking stalk

Paula can probably tell me what this is.

Gamble Rogers Nature Walk 019


The trail ends at the boat launch.  We haven’t been able to use our kayaks since we got here but I’m still hoping.


Gamble Rogers Nature Walk 040





Thursday Kite surfer at Gamble Rogers 001


Today was our worst day here so far weather wise.  The winds were rocking the rig beginning about 4:00 in the morning.  They really didn’t die down all day. 






So our plans to bike down North Peninsula State Park and hike the Coastal Strand Trail got cancelled in favor of doing some holiday wrapping.

Thursday Kite surfer at Gamble Rogers 021 

Thursday Kite surfer at Gamble Rogers 023


We stuck our noses out several times to take measure of the situation and once from our overlook I saw this amazing sight.

 Thursday Kite surfer at Gamble Rogers 004 

Is he crazy?   Or just a dare devil who knows what he’s doing and is having a great time.   He definitely had both the wind and the waves for wind surfing.


Thursday Kite surfer at Gamble Rogers 011

Good weather or bad, the beach is wonderful.

The End

Thursday Kite surfer at Gamble Rogers 015


  1. I hope he was an expert, but he sure looks crazy!

    The front of your rig looks sparkly. Are you for hire? We're only a few hundred miles away :)

  2. The mushroom *looks* like a variety of chanterelle, however, I definitely wouldn't eat it to find out!

  3. I could certainly do with a housekeeper or two myself.

    Any day at the beach can't be all bad.

  4. It is difficult to find fun to do when the weather is poor. Pace yourself with all that work.... It certainly does keep! I also vote for that guy is nuts! One of the fallacies of youth is the belief that they are invincible. Unfortunately, the coast guard knows all to well the foolishness of such thinking.

  5. Put me on the cleaning list too! You could make a little bundle moving from campground to campground cleaning people's rigs. :)

  6. Looks like a crazy man to me ... but he was probably having a ball. Mother Nature has decided to give us a present --- two days in a row of sunshine and blue skies.

  7. I'm with David, I don't go out after sunset to turn off the Christmas lights 'cause of skeered of the dark!

    Actually, I found a remote control at Big Lots that I now can turn them off from the safety of the motorhome and out of reach of the Boogie Man. :c)

  8. I agree with Gaelyn. Any day at the beach (except for a sunami warning) is a good day. Your home on wheels is shining inside and out. Glad you got your run in. We are going to have heavy rains and gale winds all day today so I'm going to have to exercise to Walk away the Pounds on my DVD.

  9. Well, it FINALLY stopped raining here in the Sonoran desert. Two days - sheesh! Where are we, Florida?

  10. Good weather or bad, it is indeed good at the beach, as long as yoy have a cozy, snug place to watch!! :)

  11. Well, you now have everything ready for Christmas and will be able to enjoy all the time with Carrie!!

    If that guy know what he is doing...he wouldn't be out there in that weather:o((

  12. Those sparkly lights are spirit lifting on a cloudy, dark morning. I say it is time for those clouds to go away... although they continue here too. I would suggest you consider going to see the movie Lincoln.... a fabulous diversion. Daniel Day Lewis was spectacular in his portrayal of Lincoln.. as was Sally Field as his wife. Maybe you can find a cheerful theater and settle in for a couple of hours of "history." Really interesting to read that is was ... RAINING.. in the Sonoran desert! Where is my snow??? Hoping for sunshine for you two... soon!

  13. Well, the lights and the present wrapping made me completely ready for the holiday! Can't wait! I hope the weather at Oscar Scherer will be more beautiful - still, the ocean is the ocean and no weather can stop that from being terrific! Hope the rig is still clean! ;)

  14. We did our wrapping yesterday too. Must have been the day.


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