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Flagler Beach Farmer’s Market

Friday December 14, 2012
Site 4 Gamble Rogers State Park
Flagler Beach, Florida



Farmers market and tree at Flagler 004


This morning I run up,  beyond and back to the little town of Flagler so I can end up at the Farmer’s Market there.  David says it is too windy for him to walk so he drives to meet me.  Very nice that I don’t have to run back back to Winnona too.


Farmers market and tree at Flagler 001



He parks at the pier where his pictures show pretty clearly the effect of the wind on the waves. 

And these guys are on their surf boards heading right out into it.  Reminds me of the wind surfer yesterday.  Someone commented that youth think they are invincible.  Sure looks like it to me.


Farmers market and tree at Flagler 007


The park where the market is held, on the main corner in the center of town, is all decorated for the holidays.


Farmers market and tree at Flagler 011

Farmers market and tree at Flagler 023


Farmers market and tree at Flagler 025


At the market there are a few craft and jewelry venders but primarily fresh fruits and vegetables and a couple of bakery stands.

The food looks wonderful.  Not much prettier than fresh colorful vegetables.

Farmers market and tree at Flagler 015


We got some fabulous braeburn apples for $.99 a pound.  They were delicious and clearly picked right from the tree.  Having grown apples for years we know unwaxed and local apples when we see them.  The seller here has brought them from a family orchard in Pennsylvania.

Farmers market and tree at Flagler 016


The citrus table wisely had, like the apple table, samples cut.  After trying them all, David decides that the Honey O orange is the one and 5# go home with us.  Love Love Love Florida citrus in the winter.

Farmers market and tree at Flagler 021


We are so busy drooling over the baked goods that I forget to take a photo.  We buy perogies, spanakopita and raspberry turnovers for breakfast and they taste as good as they look.


In the afternoon it is still just too windy to do anything outside so with the gifts pretty much wrapped, we work on a little more holiday cheer, complete with coconut milk eggnog. 

Farmers market and tree at Flagler 072


  1. A tree no matter the size makes Christmas. The lights set a wonderful mood! Sounds like you had a yummy day!

  2. Nothing like a farmer's market. The past couple of years, we went apple picking ... yes, I agree, there is a difference when they are picked right from the tree.

  3. I, too, love that winter citrus from Florida. The sandy soils make the oranges so incredibly sweet, without the acidity that we have even in our good sweet California oranges. Floridas are my favorite. Although, my daughter just sent a box of oranges and lemons from her sweetie's parent's trees near San Antonio and they are pretty darn amazing.

  4. Your tree looks beautiful!! And a farmers mkt in the middle of Winter? Wow is all i can say!!

  5. I just love these wee markets! What a fun day. Our tree is a LOT smaller, but still adds cheer to the rig, as do the lights I have strung and our stockings hanging. :)

  6. Love, Love, Love...Florida Citrus in the winter and can't wait to get some!!!

    Funny how citrus is in season in the winter when we all can use a little extra vitamin C ;o))

  7. I So Love these types of markets with fresh foods, and samples. Used to see that a lot at the Yuma flea markets and along the road in southern AZ.

    Your tree is delightful. Still haven't dug mine out but am happy with Grandpa's tree for now.

  8. love love love the fruits down here...your tree is gorgeous...looking very festive there :)

  9. Your tree is beautiful! Makes the rig look so festive and cozy.

  10. Looks like a nice market. Kinda glad you didn't take pictures of the baked goods.
    Your tree is pretty.

  11. Isn't it nice to get fresh fruits and veggies even in the winter?

  12. Fun stuff, love the Florida citrus. I like the tangelos.

  13. Farmers markets are one of my favorite things. Sure wish I had one close by.

  14. The tree - oh, I love it!! With lights and all...it really does make the season bright :) I hope you've saved some florida citrus for me!! Swimming in that surf certainly does look dangerous. I would choose going to the farmer's market for sure. Yum, Yum!


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