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Caspersen Beach

Tuesday December 25, 2012
Site 6 Oscar Scherer State Park
Osprey, Florida
Hi 76, Low 55


Carrie wings away today.


Caspersen Beach 001

Her flight back to Baltimore is this afternoon.  As has become our routine, I pick her up when she comes and David takes her back when she leaves.  They need to start up for Tampa at 2pm.  

But that gives us the morning and she wants to see “the shark teeth beach”.   So we have a quick breakfast and head out to Caspersen Beach in Venice.



Caspersen Beach 007

Caspersen is another different beach with a different coast and sand.  This beach has a  beautiful rock lined coast.  We are all pretty amazed at the variety of water front, development, shells and sand on the various Sarasota County beaches.






Caspersen Beach 060 

When we arrive, there are few people.  We aren’t quite sure where these shark’s teeth are so we make ourselves comfortable and  watch the pelicans and friends while we wait for more people to arrive and begin their hunt.




Caspersen Beach 009




There are a lot of birds in the water fishing today.  They are floating and dipping.   They are circling and dive bombing the water.  It is fabulous entertainment.    I forget all about sharks teeth

Caspersen Beach 011


Caspersen Beach 036


Caspersen Beach 045


Caspersen Beach 020


Caspersen Beach 057



Caspersen Beach 059


After an hour or so more people begin to come and they bring all kinds of equipment.  Hand scoop sifters.  Sifters with long handles.  Shovels.  Sieve boxes.   We have no equipment.  Oh well.   These are professional shark teeth hunters.  We are clearly amateurs.




I walk a ways down the beach watching the various methods of looking.  I stop and talk to this family who is using a shovel and this sieve.   They have had good luck with it.  Such good luck that when I exclaim amazement they pick one out and give it to me.    COOL!



Caspersen Beach 055

There are 4 shark’s teeth in this picture.  Click to enlarge and see if you can find them.  Hint:  Far heel of his hand is one.

Caspersen Beach 051


I  see some folks just digging in the sand and stop to talk to them about the non-equipment approach.  They say they’ve found some teeth.  Only a few,  but it works for them.  I have been imagining that it is very difficult to find even one shark’s tooth but clearly folks with equipment are finding many per scoop in some cases.   These folks say they’ve found 4 or 5 with the dig and examine method.

Caspersen Beach 068


David’s not interested but Carrie and I take on the challenge.  He volunteers to be expedition photographer.


Caspersen Beach 071

You dig as deep as you can in the sand and shells.  Bring your handful up to the shore.

Caspersen Beach 072


And examine it for teeth.

Caspersen Beach 077


In 8 or 10 tries Carrie finds two teeth.  I find none.   Time is growing late and we need to get back and make some lunch before they leave for the airport.  So this is our take for the day.  Carrie finds two and one donation for me.  Way to go Carrie!  Hers are also bigger than mine.  Wonder how Homeland Security will feel about them on the plane.

Caspersen Beach 084A


We take our final long arm 3-some shot.

Caspersen Beach 064


Back at Winnona we put together a BIG lunch of the Yuletide leftovers which should get her through the 90 minutes before the flight, the 2 hour flight and the drive home.


They leave for the airport and I begin the clean up and put away.  3 people in Winnona makes for some tight quarters.   I do dishes, vacuum, take the herbs outside for a good watering.

Caspersen Beach 088


Caspersen Beach 090


David gets back about 5 and we head over to Nokomis Beach to catch the sunset.  

From now on we’ll say “get your terns in a row”.

We’re sure going to miss Carrie.  She brightens up every day.  We’ve been quite lucky that she has been able to fly down to be with us for both Thanksgiving and Christmas in such a short period of time.


We don’t see the sunset only a sliver of color.
I wonder if David is looking for shark’s teeth in the shells. 

Caspersen Beach 099


Walking away we come across this shell sculpture.
People do very interesting things here at Nokomis Beach.
Last time we were here we saw ‘Nokomis Christmas’ written in huge letters and this time……..is it a butterfly?  an angel??
The red is seed pods, the rest shells.

Caspersen Beach 110


  1. So weird/funny to see people in beachwear while we're in a winter wonderland here in NJ. We've got a good 3" of snow on the ground! Your setup looks so inviting, so . . . beachie! Enjoy!

  2. Great photos of a beautiful beach. Too bad Carrie had to leave but I bet she had a great time.

  3. I know you are sad to see her go, but she added a lot of fun to your holidays. You guys did some wonderful adventures together.
    You Pelican pictures are looking good also, I love those birds.
    Happy New Years wishes to you both.

  4. It sure is hard to put your kids on a plane after their visit. Thankgoodness planes fly in both directions.

    Even with the last couple of hours of Carrie's visit, you managed to find another cool adventure, hunting for shark teeth. Who'd a thunk?

    And even better, the teeth were in the sand and not your leg... ;c)

  5. Amazing memories built with your daughter. Marvelous bird entertainment and Love the sharks teeth.

  6. I didn't realize shark teeth are black? Is that normal? Love the pictures of the Pelicans they are such neat birds.

  7. Every day a different adventure. I so look forward to your posts. It helps me deal with the snow. While pretty, I much rather look at your wonderful beachs! Happy New Year you two!!

  8. Well, it is an angel, the halo is shinning.... so many shells.. don't know that i would even know a shark's tooth if i saw one. Yours look like them, but black? aren't teeth white, or are they fossils too? weird....
    Like your spot....

  9. Westmoreland SP, with its nearby fossil cliffs, is supposed to be good for shark teeth hunting as well. They don't allow digging into the cliff, but you can apparently find shark teeth on the beach. The one time we were there, I was feeling poorly, so we didn't go hunting, but watched a beach-full of people doing so.

  10. Years ago when we were looking for sharks teeth off Venice Beach, we were told a lot of people found them snorkeling just offshore. Now, if you had only gotten your snorkel gear, you could have checked it out. :)

    Looks like you had a great day.

  11. what a nice visit you had...and you've all been so busy enjoying it...makes me smile :) big time

  12. Sounds like you had an almost perfect day. The "almost" perfect part was having to say goodbye to Carrie. So glad that she was able to come and spend the holidays with you both.

    I thought the shark teeth would have been bigger but pretty cool that you found some.

    Kevin and Ruth

  13. What fun ... again...

    I've got ice and snow remnants. BUT a little bitty g'daughter to keep the sun a'coming... ;) Love your relationship with your daughter. The font size is larger... I feel kinda sorta bad? or powerful... can't make up my mind which or arrogant with assumption...

    love the colors of the sunset with David... I can 'see' it

  14. What fun you had with Carrie!! Now you'll just have to create more holidays;o))

    In all the time I have spent on the beach, I have never found a shark's tooth;o(( Way to go Carrie!!

  15. As a girl I used to go shark tooth hunting on Shark Tooth mountain in Southern CA. They were always white though..hmmm. Never ending teeth!

  16. The shark teeth are black because they're very old fossils. The older they are, the blacker they are. A little further south at Stump Pass Beach, or on Don Pedro Island (if you're feeling industrious...it's only accessible by boat), the shark teeth are almost as common as shells on the beach. I highly recommend a day trip. That's where Olivia picked for her 8th birthday, that smart girl.

    I am so glad your visit with Carrie was enjoyable. I feel wistful now, having virtually visited with her and now saying goodbye. I hope you have another visit soon.

  17. I think the last picture looks like an angel. I always feel sad for you when Carrie leaves. You guys certainly know how to squeeze every last drop of fun out of a day. More good times with her are ahead.

  18. I like the Nokomis beach angel... puts one in the spirit while at the beach. Carrie gets the best of all the worlds... some snow, some sunshine, some beach... and being with her parents twice in a relatively short time. I do love it when our "kids" come home - and they almost always do every year... this year was the exception... but we were altogether in San Antonio for Thanksgiving (ate outside on the back porch!). I like the shark teeth - actually prefer seeing them not attached to the shark. David is looking good in his photos... and seems to have more of his strength back. So very glad to see. Keep the beautiful photos coming. I love the moss and the trees, especially. Happy New Year to both of you!

  19. Great blog - I felt like I was there again - Dad took good pictures of us shark teeth searching - what a great holiday all around :)It's nice to see artistic creativity on the beach.


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