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The end of our first week at Gamble Rogers

Tuesday December 11, 2012
Site 4 Gamble Rogers State Park
Flagler Beach, Florida


I’m the first one out on the beach Tuesday morning at dawn.

Dec 11 Tuesday


Today I bring my chair and wait.


Dec 11 Tuesday (3)



I’ve got nice waves, but no sunrise so when it is long past time, I start down the beach for a walk.

Dec 11 Tuesday (6)


Dec 11 Tuesday (7)

Dec 11 Tuesday (24)

Dec 11 Tuesday (28)

Dec 11 Tuesday (25)

Dec 11 Tuesday (26) 

Dec 11 Tuesday (27) 

Dec 11 Tuesday (32)


Dec 11 Tuesday (34)


There are always things of beauty on the beach.


Not quite so much in our basement bins.
Recently both Erin & Mui and Nancy & Bill have done blogs on their organization and cleaning. 
Both showed their closets and how organized they are. 
I’m not going to do the closet reveal but they have inspired me to both cleaning and organizing.  Less than stellar weather makes that easier of course.

Now here is where I need your help.  I went through all the basement bins and they are all nicely organized, or at least they suit me, other than these two.

I need some organizing suggestions that I can pass along.  So help me out here please.  Advice is always taken better if it comes further from home.  J


Dec 11 Tuesday (39)


Dec 11 Tuesday (38)

I promise not to mention your name if you’d like your advice to remain anonymous!


  1. We use the plastic storage bins with lids for odds and ends in the basement. Someone also showed their arrangement using the plastic chest of drawers. There's always some odd-shaped things that just don't fit well in either of those options.

  2. Think you need some bins for containment :)

  3. Those are the bins of a very industrious man;o) Just shut the doors and move on! That's Nancy's suggestion. Bill is still quivering...he's speachless at the moment. He'll need some time to respond;o((

  4. little things are hard to organize. I like the tool holder, and the ones that hold gardening stuff work well too.- Maybe you could keep like things in bags, (canvas) with a label on them. Shelve or racks might work, not much room though, I like bags, you can still stuff them but less to look through when you need something.

  5. Hmmm. I don't have anything in the basement so I never go there. Seriously. All my stuff is upstairs and whatever is down there is a big secret...and belongs to Rick. I keep my nose out of it :)

  6. Thanks for the walk on the beach. Going to snow here tonight.

  7. I like plastic baskets and have also been using the fabric shopping bags to corral and the small bottles and things.

  8. Well, my first suggestion is about a half-dozen really big orange garbage bags and a trip to the garbage dump!

    However, I think some varied size plastic totes with lids would clean those areas up in no time.

  9. Thanks for the shout out! Clutter paralyzes me, so I have to have some semblance of order ... that's not to say it stays that way ;-). Hard to say what might or might not work for someone else, but Mui swears by clear plastic bins ... they've got inexpensive ones at Walmart and they come in different sizes. We just took measurements of the different bins, went to Walmart and looked at what might work. Mui has his tools in stackable plastic drawers and that seems to work for him. We find that square/rectangle works better to minimize space loss.

  10. We got a bigger basement so we just have more stuff but it is not more organized.

  11. Can't wait to see the "AFTER".....our bays look like yours...Maybe we should share, too! and start a group...Clutter Anonymous..Oh, wait. We wouldn't be very anonymous. At any rate, awareness is the first step. Let's get started, Sherry!

  12. I'm not sure what kind of depth and height you're working with...it's hard to tell by the picture when I have no experience with a motor home...but maybe try something my mom does in her truck. She has three milk crates she zip-tied together, and they keep everything she needs upright and together. They're stackable too.

  13. I didn't realize I had been missing so many of your posts. I just love all your pictures of the beach bad weather and all. Dave's lights are so pretty in the fog. Those 2 basement cubbies seem to be work items and may not fit in storage containers. Dave is a busy man from the looks of the items.

  14. Plastic bins with labels. 'nuff said :)

  15. I find that when I organize things in the basement, then I can never find the things I need when I need them. I like the way you have things in the open, visible and handy for easy access.

    Probably not what you wanted to hear...but all that stuff is just what an RVer needs at his or her fingertips.

  16. Reading the comments - it sounds like plastic bins win so far - hopefully, you can remember what things were in what plastic bin... ;) I love everything you find on the beach...animal tracks, feathers, birds, shells and different color sands...the beach is neat!!

  17. We also went the rubbermaid totes & label route and it worked quite well for us. We used open crates for the oils & cleaners. We move back into our RV in a few months so we will have round two of organization. Great beach shots btw!

  18. Roger is a great organizer... so I leave it to him. He likes CLEAR plastic bins so he can see through them. He is also a big labeler.... Very helpful for me when I need something. I cant compete with his organizational skills... he words hard at it! Make sure they are all stackable. We like those bins that dont "snap" closed (often more difficult to open).. but those that "lay" closed (half and half "doors" that close together). Love the beach... but I am missing the sunshine there.... your previous post with the sliver of moon was gorgeous... not so much the tornado warning! I would have hightailed it to the concrete shelter too ... I don't think weathering a tornado in a mobile home is a good choice. Glad it didn't get any closer than 45 miles. We have had a couple of warnings for Frederick over the last 2-3 years. I keep a leash on Yoda so we can get to the basement quickly if need be.

  19. I love the beach too. I also love the forest - but the beach with it's seemingly unending expanse is hard to match.
    I am an organizer - I did my garage and basement utility room after I retired and then did Abby and Amy's garages in Texas. Lowes has a really great selection of small (i.e. 6x6x4; 6x12x4), see through,stackable plastic bins of different sizes. They are cheap and might work well in you small spaces. I use these in my garage and closets and put labels on them. Makes it easy to get just what you want out without disturbing everything else. They are big enoug to put all sorts of things in them allowing you to stack otherwise unstackable stuff. I'll send you some pictures if you're interested.


  20. totes with lids and labeled with the contents...


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