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A Birthday and a Bug

Monday October 3, 2011
Millpoint Park
Peoria, Illinois


First thing I did today was to call my father to wish him

He sounded great!
Unfortunately he can’t see to
read this but I know he’d love it if he could. 
And anyone who reaches 91 in such great health
should get a shout out!
His health is excellent other than the macular degeneration
which has sadly impacted his quality of life
to a very great extent. 
But He has no high blood pressure,
no high cholesterol and is in great shape. 
Last year on this date  we were with him in Largo Florida
having a Happy Birthday Party.
Here it is if you want to see what you have to
look forward to at 90.
See 2010 Birthday Blog


That was definitely the best thing that happened this morning.
Within an hour I had some
sort of intestinal bug and a fever which reached
102 degrees. 

But because I didn’t have to drive
because we have a motor home,
we went on down the road
while I lay on the sofa with a blanket
and a thermometer
helping with directions.

I did manage to get up for the momentous
crossing the Mississippi going East.
First time in over 6 months we’ve been east of
the Mississippi.

On the way to Illinois 038


On the way to Illinois 040


and our welcome into our 2nd of three I states in a row.
The sign is all you get
“from the people of Illinois”.
We were hoping for a welcome center so we
could pick up a state map.
But not on I 74 at least.

 On the way to Illinois 043A


We managed 175 miles from Iowa City
to Peoria Illinois where we pulled into
Millpoint Park on the Illinois River.

It’s about 8 miles off of I 74.
Not too far but far enough to feel remote. 
I’m anticipating
Very quiet. 
Lots of natural “night sounds”.

They have someone meet you at the gate and
guide you to your site.
In our case a great pull through.

Illinois River Kayak #2 Wednesday 001


This has been a family owned campground for 27 years.
It’s just what I love.   No frills, big trees,
close water, full hook ups, Passport America
for however long you want to stay.
None of this Monday through Thursday stuff.
$13 a night for 30 amps or 50 amps.

The Illinois River definitely floods and those
floods they told us have been on the increase
in the past 5 or so years,  The campground is
right on the water so it floods too and they
have done serious battle with damage but
they are winning the war.
This is one
of the most welcoming and accommodating
parks we have been in.

check out this site.



The river is just beyond the tree line.



Home sweet Home.
Pretty sure I’ll have a swift recovery here.

All set up & Rejex 026


Although mine isn’t the same virus based on
my symptoms and remembering David’s,
I’m hoping it is just a 24 hour bug too.

I’ve got some kayaking to do tomorrow.


  1. Hope you get better really soon! You're doing great on finding the P.A. parks...Good for you! That one looks really nice! I'm not sure we even have a thermometer on board. I probably should get one.

  2. Interesting... Your Dad's birthday is the day before my Mom's birthday, Oct 4th!! We just got back from taking her out to dinner for her 89th birthday.

    Hope you are feeling better and get out on the river while you are there!!

  3. Another great park! How do you find them??

  4. Get well quickly. You seem to have the perfet spot for kicking back and taking it easy for a few days.

    I just love crossing the Mississippi River going east. It always feels like going home to me.

  5. Congrats to your father on his 91st ... to reach that age and be healthy is a great achievement. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Great campground! Sorry you are under the weather. Hope you bounce back quickly

  7. I just got caught up having been offline for a couple of days. SO sorry that you were sick, Sherry, and hope that you're fully recovered by now. I'm also sorry about the mechanical troubles I guess it's like house maintenance. There's no end to it.

    I was fascinated by the fossil pictures and also loved your idea of a lazy fall day -- drifting on a lake. Sounds like heaven! Speaking of which, it's heavenly weather here and I hope to be out in it as much as possible this weekend. Take care and have fun! -- Pam

  8. When i go to my post, at the top there is the place to click on for 'new post' and beside that is 'design' which is where the fonts, layout, width of columns & all that 'stuff' is...u can always preview b4 u save it. Some were weird :)

  9. What a nice CG and the price is incredible! Sometimes ya' got to win.

    Sorry you've got the bug and can't enjoy everything that you normally would. Hope the bug flies away quickly.

    Happy birthday to your Dad! All that clean living has paid off. And he survived raising a daughter, too! ;c)

  10. Happy birthday to your dad!! Great health at 91 years is a wonderful achievement!!!

    So sorry to hear that you caught a bug and hope that by now you've totally recovered.

    Millpoint Park sounds like a park that we'll definitely have to check out.

  11. Happy Birthday to your dad!

    So sorry you were under the weather. I hope that, by now, you're feeling a lot better! Gotta get out and enjoy that Fall weather!

  12. Peoria - where Marisa Bass was born. Looks like a nice place. OH NO! You got a bug too...that was different than Dad's!? What is up with that?!


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