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Slow Days in Indiana

Tuesday October 11, 2011
Sugar Creek Campground
Crawfordsville, Indiana

We pulled out of Millpoint where we had a great time
for an entire week.  We would most definitely return here.
We got on I 74 and crossed into Indiana
and the Eastern Time zone for the first time since last April.
We were headed for the Sugar Creek Campground in
Crawfordsville Indiana.  We learned that like our hometown of
Charlottesville, the folks in Crawfordsville also refer to their town
as C’ville.
We are spending two nights here at Sugar Creek.
$12.50 per night for FHUs Passport America rate.  
We are definitely getting our money’s worth
out of our Passport membership recently.

Sugar Creek Indiana (22)
Campground has nice trees around but the sites
also are open enough in most cases for satellite
if you have it, which we don’t.
Sugar Creek Indiana (2)
David did a little more buffing
with the help of the picnic table.
Sugar Creek Indiana

And then we updated the map of our travels.

Sugar Creek Indiana (23)

While we were setting up, a neighbor pulled
in across the way.  Although he had
a buggy windshield, I couldn’t resist this
picture of his co-pilot.
Sugar Creek Indiana (18)

Sugar Creek Indiana (17)

Took a walk down to the woods
where I saw the creek giant ruler
showing that at points it has been up 17’
Sugar Creek Indiana (20)

Monday & Tuesday at Sugar Creek 051
Sugar Creek Indiana (3)

But not today.
Not even deep enough for a paddle.
Too bad.

Sugar Creek Indiana (5)

But still lovely and I’m glad to have it so near.
Sugar Creek Indiana (7)

The sleeping was good being so close to the water.
The night noises were EXCELLENT!

Today, Tuesday we had a lazy early morning.

Then David went out for a run.
Monday & Tuesday at Sugar Creek 042A

I did an hour’s worth of yoga.

Monday & Tuesday at Sugar Creek 037
Time for lunch.
Then David did what David does when he has
nothing else to do.

Monday & Tuesday at Sugar Creek 053

I did what I do when I have nothing else to do.

When he got up, David joined me

Monday & Tuesday at Sugar Creek 048 

I soaked my ankle in the
crystal clear cool creek water.
Monday & Tuesday at Sugar Creek 046

Monday & Tuesday at Sugar Creek 047

A lazy slow day with a light sunset

and a cloudy full moon.

Life is Grand!!


  1. That sure is a nice CG, love that PPA discount.

    Amazing that the flood waters got that high, how fast could you get the kayacks out if things began to flood?

    Yes, life is grand, and you sure seem to be agreeing with this FT living! :c)

  2. What a wonderful, calm...lovely day!

  3. For an interesting side trip, go to Lebanon, Indiana. Take St. Rd 32 East to Lebanon. Go to the Court House on the square. The columns on the north and south side are the largest 1 piece limestone columns in the world. From the square, go south on 39 (Lebanon St.) up and over I-65 and you will see Donaldson's Candy. It push $20 a pound but it is excellent.

    Be careful on the road.

  4. Isn't it nice to have nothing to do?

  5. What a wonderful day!! That's what the full-time life is all about. Just being able to enjoy doing nothing at all;o)) Or perhaps I mean doing just what you want to do!!! I can't wait:o))

    Welcome back to the Eastern Time Zone...we have missed you two;o))

  6. looks like the chilling time in Indy suits you well...

  7. This is the kind of day that I dream about..doing absolutely nothing!

  8. It's nice to see David actually take a snooze every once in a while. I didn't think he ever slowed down. ;-)


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