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River Afternoon

Wednesday October 5, 2011
Riverpoint Campground
Peoria, Illinois

We like it so much here at Millpoint
that we paid for a 3rd night so here we still are.
David went running this morning and
we went for a second paddle this afternoon.

On his run this morning he passed by this older
Brave a distant relative of Winnona’s.
Lest I have you thinking that Millpoint
is an RV paradise I should mention
that it has a permanent trailer park
by which you pass on your way to the campground.
Searching for Spudnuts 035

The campground itself was a local rural seasonal camp
but is being turned into an overnight campground. 
About 6 seasonals, still remain but as they leave,
their spaces are being converted into FHU RV spots. 
I haven’t found these remaining ones
to be eye sores nor have their owners been around.
Perhaps they will come during the week-end.

I did find this bumper sticker on the
older Brave pretty funny.

In the afternoon we went back out on the river.
So nice to be able to launch the kayaks
so close to the site.  We had brought them
back yesterday and left them on the carts.

So today all we had to do was go out
flip them over, grab the handles and off we went.

We paddled in the opposite direction out of the canal
and found  sailboats
Illinois River Kayak #2 Wednesday 013

and houses




including this one with its own harbor.

Illinois River Kayak #2 Wednesday 028

The usual water birds were out enjoying the river.
Illinois River Kayak #2 Wednesday 020A
and its banks.

Illinois River Kayak #2 Wednesday 042A
Illinois River Kayak #2 Wednesday 030A

when they weren’t being scared off by our appearance.
Illinois River Kayak #2 Wednesday 023

We paddled back as the sun sank
and the trees sported their colors

Illinois River Kayak #2 Wednesday 037
We arrived just in time to watch it set
from the kayaks.

Illinois River Kayak #2 Wednesday 050

Another beautiful day on the river.
Definitely my kind of life!!


  1. I second the sunset pictures are awesome!

    Nice to get out and about with no stress on your ankle.

    Did Winnona recognize her granddaddy? ;c)

  2. We find some of those seasonal rvs very interesting. Great sunset pictures on the water!

  3. I third the sunset pictures! Awesome!

    Life is pretty good, isn't it?

  4. Wow... Great Sunset Pics!!

    Yes, Life is Good:o))

  5. Water...it does a body good. I love love the silohette of the kayak as the sun sets. Soak it all in.

  6. How lovely from the birds to the sunset! NICE!


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