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Winnona’s Newest Campsite

Sunday October 30, 2011
59 days til’ On the Road Again

When we arrive back
in the Charlottesville area
for the annual checkups for people
and vehicles, we
have to leave Winnona parked
in town which is 23 miles from
the farm.   So we go there first
and then out to check out the 3/4
mile long farm driveway to see
what has happened to the road
and how much the trees and bushes have
grown into it.
This time there was the usual trimming
that needed to be done before
she could venture down the lane.
So she hung out in town for a while.

That’s David in the 1986 Chevy S10 pickup.
A virtual antique which just luckily runs and runs
and waits and waits without much complaining.
1. Trimming road (Large) 
and because of all the rain from this
spring, the road needed gravel
to fill in some potholes.
Look at that poor little truck.
He tolerates anything.
This is  just one of the holes.
Farm house in the distance.
Winnona in the barnyard is the goal
It actually took two loads and probably could
have taken more.
2. Road gravel (Large)
And then of course there is the yard.
6. Before mowing (Large)

You can’t tell the fenced in yard from
the fields.
Guess this is the result of all those spring rains
everybody in the Mid-Atlantic kept complaining about.

P1180887 (Large)
Who could have thought mowing the grass could be so much fun??
7. Mowing (Large)
Sure looks much better!!!
8. After mowing (Large)

Time for Ruby’s oil change and transmission fluid change
and cabin filter change and whatever else is in
the 66K mile service plan.
5. Working on Ruby (Large)

Time for Ruby’s state inspection.
It went off without a hitch.
Went in,
15 minutes later
out we go with a new due date.
It’s not always that quick and easy
but if you keep your vehicles in good
condition it is.
Ruby 001

The last time we had it done was
when we were here in June of 2010
so we were long overdue
but thankfully they don’t send the PO-lice out to
get you if you aren’t even in the state.
Everything is ready for
Winnona to come on out to
her Greenfield Mountain Farm Campsite
But first, while she’s in town,
her turn for state inspection
I actually believe in State inspections
in order to keep folks who don’t believe in mufflers or
pollution equipment in line or off the roads.
And here in Virginia they only cost $16 so I’m not complaining.
In she went

3. Being inspected (Large)
Out she came with new wiper blades and
the little sticker that says reinspect in 10/12.  
Well maybe.
If she’s around here.
OR maybe not.

4. Inspection sticker (Large)
And ultimately she made her way
for her stay in Site NUMBER ONE
at the Greenfield Mountain Farm Campsite


where she hung out for the big
Virginia October Snow Storm
which roared in Friday night!

Big snow storm

The BIG snow was melted in about an hour.


  1. Great job you guys. David is really talented to take on that tree trimming job among the many other things he fixes. You guys are saving some money there! Very pretty farmhouse and land. I'd love living in a place like that if we ever come off the road.

  2. Great post! You have a fantastic site for Winnona. Your surroundings are beautiful. You picked the prettiest time to come back too. All those Fall colors...wow!
    Your driveway reminded me of many of the ROADS we drove on in Virginia :) Narrow, winding and in need of a trim :)
    Enjoy your snow. At least yours was much less than the 2+ feet they got north of you!

  3. Boy did those weather gurus, with all their hi tech equipment and satellites get this snow storm wrong. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

    Lovely home in the hills you have there. And site number one, how much does it cost a night with a Good Sam and Escappees discount? ;c)

    Now to get to those *&#@*! leaves in my front yard...again!

  4. Wow, you have really knock out a good part of the tasks list in a hurry!! Keep up the good work ;o))

    Your farm is beautiful. A lot of work, but BEAUTIFUL!! Don't get too attached through, I am working on lots of fun stuff to do in Florida:o))

    I've decided that your snow and our cold snap is the winter season for this year. We are now headed toward spring and the weather will be warming. No more freezing temperatures in Florida for us!!

  5. There was a little bit if everything in this post. Road repair, inspections, yard work, early bad weather including SNOW and a hint of fun:) Nice!

  6. nice place there and worth the work i am sure...crtoph

  7. What a beautiful farm. I bet Winnona gets a little pang when she drives up the road.

    Glad the snow wasn't too bad. We got home, and most of it was melted away.

  8. What a beautiful place you have. It reminded me a little of our old place in Georgia. Lots of work though.

  9. We had a 1989 black Chevy S10 pickup that Mike was very sad to depart with as we prepared to hit the road.

    How lucky are you to have a permanent front row seat to the beauty that we annually drove up to Skyline Drive to enjoy. Beautiful!

  10. Another great post!! That Chevy S-10 is really one amazing antique truck! What is it now? 25 years old and still carrying heavy gravel loads. NICE! Great picture of Dad on the mower - obviously one mow over the summer was not enough ;)


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