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Henry David Thoreau

Off the Deep End

Monday October 10, 2011


I think about this every year.
And this year is no exception
So I’m going to jump off the deep end and
say that
Columbus Day makes me mad.


Actually I find it embarrassing.

I don’t want a holiday in the name
of some guy who
“discovered” an already populated area,
”the Americas”,
1900 miles south of the current United States
where he enslaved the Native people,
who welcomed him,
worked many to death,
brought disease and forced religion.


How about Indigenous People’s Day instead.
Seems like the least we could do.


Here’s my vote for a “Columbus Day” T-Shirt


homeland security


We’ll return to your regularly scheduled program tomorrow.
I’ll be over it by then.


  1. Nothing like a good rant every now and then, eh? I'm with you on this one.

  2. Good point! Where do I buy that t-shirt?

  3. As a brand new follower of your blog, I can tell you I will be paying attention! Love that tee shirt.

  4. Since Gin is one-eighth Cherokee Indian, we whole heartedly agree. We're all in our pj's today btw.

  5. I felt your blood boiling from here in VA.

    Sadly, but you're right. The victors get to write the history.

    Go take a paddle and cool off. ;c)

  6. I saw that tee in Tombstone, AZ.

  7. Well, didn't see your post until the 11th. Sure could tell Littletwin Brokenankel was not a happy camper;o((

    I think most holidays are a sham and just another marketing gimmick to have a 'special' sale and get people to part with their money!!

    Hope you are "over it" by now ;o))

  8. You know I agree with you here.


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