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Henry David Thoreau

Last Day at Millpoint

Sunday October 9, 2011
Millpoint Campground
Peoria, Illinois

This Sunday morning David went out for a run and
amazingly came back with no pictures at all.
While he was gone, I did my first hour of yoga
since breaking my ankle.  It went very well and
my ankle was actually much better afterwards.
It felt like a regular ankle.  No limping at all.
This seemed to have been better therapy than
the elastic band exercises I was given to do.  I
noticed no difference doing them for 3 weeks.
So I am prescribing an hour of yoga every other day.

David wanted to get some things done around the
coach in preparation for leaving tomorrow but
I wanted one final paddle on the river.

So he did his thing and I did mine.
Mine was more picturesque.  :-)

He got my picture waving good bye as
I walked around the corner to the canal put in.

A sail boat was there to greet me at the
mouth of the canal

Last day at Millpoint 015

Last day at Millpoint 020

Fall is evident in the colors along the shore.
Last day at Millpoint 046

Last day at Millpoint 035

Last day at Millpoint 041

Last day at Millpoint 076

There are 3 canals in Millpoint.
The put in we use is at the end of one.
But I’d never been down the other two.
This was my last chance so
On my way back I paddled down them
They were full of the leaves of fall.

Last day at Millpoint 095

And look what I found at the end of
one.  An old barge formerly used
to dredge these very canals.  It was turned
out “to pasture” when dredging became illegal.
Last day at Millpoint 103

Notice the blade on the stern and the winch on the bow
(that is right isn’t it Paul?)

Last day at Millpoint 102

Last day at Millpoint 101

I returned after a few hours
and then it was back to reading and waxing.

Last day at Millpoint 114
which continued on into the late
Last day at Millpoint 116

and as the sun went down

Last day at Millpoint 117

the waxer put away his tools

and the reader finished the book in the dark.

Last day at Millpoint 125

On to our 4th and last “I” state tomorrow, Indiana. 
Winnona will no doubt fly down
the highway now with her new shiny finish!!


  1. So glad your ankle is so much better! It's much easier to get in and out of the kayak without crutches, isn't it? :)

    You're traveling east at the perfect time of year. Enjoy and safe travels!

  2. So glad you are doing so well with your ankle, Sherry! Way to take care of yourself while on the road. When we meet up with you again, I'd like to know more about the yoga you do!

  3. Sherry,

    You're right and wrong about that dredge.

    Yes on the stern is a paddle wheel that would propel the dredge through
    the water.

    However, on the bow, there is no wench. If there was a wench on the bow, it would be amazing if the dredge operators would have gotten any work done! ;c)

  4. Well Paul, I clearly need a new proof reader for my typos. Would you please apply. BIG salary of course.

  5. What a lovely spot. I do so hope that your next stop will be just as nice. It's beautiful there.

    I am SO sorry about the Spudnut false alarm. Fortunately, our Spudnut Shop is too inconveniently located for me and I have't been in there in years. If I lived in Belmont, I'd be about 50 pounds heavier. I have no will power when it comes to Spudnuts!

    Safe travels! So glad that your ankle is better, Sherry!

  6. Waxing an RV takes a LONG time! Glad he's got an energetic reader! Nice pictures to mark the coming of fall.

  7. I too would love to have you show me your yoga when we meet again. I always wanted to do this, my doctor said it would help lower my blood pressure, but could never afford the classes back home!

  8. Yes it does take a long time to wax a mh and even longer to recover afterwards. My shoulders aren't as strong as they once were. I know that David stays in shape so it's just another day for him.

  9. Nice way to spend your last day at such a pretty place!!

    Glad to hear the yoga is helping your ankle. I have to stretch everyday or my body hollers at me;o)) Never learned yoga, but I am sure I would love it.

    Hope it is not too sunny on the highway or Winnona is going to blind the oncoming traffic... Great job, David:o))


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