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Record SMASHING Miles

Tuesday  October 18, 2011
Virginia Stop Over


Well we’re off the road for a bit
but the count down to back on the road
has already begun
and stands at 70 days 18 hours and 25 minutes.

But let me recap.
We left West Virginia on I 68
and soon found ourselves in Maryland
Remember what I said about not wanting
to do too much back roading in Almost Heaven.

Nice sign.

 Big Travel Day 022A

Where we drove about 100 miles
running directly parallel and just north
of the West Virginia state line through
lovely fall scenery which looked deceptively
like West Virginia.


Big Travel Day 030


Lots of steep grades and had plenty of cautions

Big Travel Day 029


Big Travel Day 042


We got off just in time to miss the Pennsylvania
Turnpike (WHEW) and traveled south down
the lovely US 522 where we slipped back into West Virginia

Big Travel Day 038

We made a couple
of stops for various types of fuel


Big Travel Day 036

and shortly found ourselves going by the
sign for our home state before we knew it.
This Fuji camera I’m trying out isn’t
the quick draw my Canon Powershot was.


Big Travel Day 040


We were headed for New Market
a long travel day for us at 195 miles.

But as we got closer, we decided that
this was our neck of the woods,
Interstate 81 had never seemed like
such a good road to drive until
we had tried lots of other states roads
over the past 6 months and now it seemed
like we could just cruise right on.
And so we did.
I 81 South to I 64 East,
to familiar signs of our neck of the woods

Big Travel Day 053 


Big Travel Day 054


Big Travel Day 055


We pulled in at TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY EIGHT miles
(yes you read that correctly 278)
and weren’t too tired to get the car off the dolly
the dolly off the RV, the kayaks off the car, and
the bikes off the car and all of it put away before dark!!

We’ll be hanging around here for the aforementioned
amount of time to do all those things  you
have to do ….doctors, dentists, get poor Ruby’s hail
damage fixed, oil changes, transmission fluid changes,
vehicle inspections and holiday celebrating.

Next plan is to get this all done and
meet up with Nancy and Bill Mills
in warmer (WE HOPE)
Florida for some serious FUN!!
(including ice cream)


I’ll  keep you updated on the progress
and the count down.


  1. So, u are back home? It has been fun going with u on your first trip around the US!!! Enjoy your time!

  2. Hi Sherry,
    How funny, we stopped in Waynesboro Wednesday for lunch on our way to Douthat :-). I'm going to miss your travel logs for the next 70 days! Drop me an email, karen41262@gmail.com, I hope we can meet up somewhere in Florida! If work doesn't interfere, we plan on being in Hillsborough SP for a couple days to go to the Tampa RV Supershow. And of course we'll be at Otter Springs Jan Feb Mar. And in the Homosassa/Crystal River area alot on our days off.

  3. Not glad you are at the house, but glad you arrived safe and sound;o)) I almost called the house, home, but your home has a name and I could never hurt Winonna's feeling;o))

    Well, hurry up and get your chores done...we can't wait to see you in Florida!! We are so ready to get into that SERIOUS fun!!

    I love the countdown, even though you will be leaving before us. It does keep me happy to watch the numbers go down;o)) I am easily amused:o))

  4. 278 miles! It's going to take all those days you're staying at home base for you to recover and get your strength back. ;c)

    Welcome home weary travelers!

  5. That is a pretty long drive, but it looked very interesting:)

  6. Those sights and road signs sure look familiar. Autumn is a gorgeous time to be back in Virginee!

  7. How does it feel to be back in the sticks and Bricks?

  8. That's a lot of miles for a day. We were proud of ourselves that we made it 170!

    That is definitely beautiful scenery.


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