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The Ups, The Downs, The Dilemma

Wednesday October 12, 2011
New Lisbon Family Campground
Straughn, Indiana

Up and out by 9:20 this morning.
One of our best departure times.

Stopped for groceries on the way out of town
Stopped for gas at $3.239/gallon just before we reached I 74
where Winnona was found to have gotten RECORD gas mileage
no doubt due to her slick wax job.

Went south on I74 around Indianapolis and stopped by Camping World
Whew all these errands on the way

At Camping World we struck out.
We wanted a 50/30 adapter
But the adapters were on sale and so they were all gone.
David wants a 1400T Telesteps ladder for ease of working on Winnona.
But the ladder was the 1400E and
no one knew the difference between the T and the E
so until we can do some research that will have to wait.
Not a great price either.

So amazingly,
we went into Camping World
and came out 20 minutes later having spent NO money.

David saw a White Castle Hamburger joint
on the way in to Camping World.
Apparently those were all the rage when he was a kid
but today White Castle does not have an RV friendly parking lot
so he went away empty handed there too.

Pulled into New Lisbon Family Campground in Straughn, IN
just after my “out by 10 in by 3 “ deadline.
We made great time given all those stops.

The farmer across the road was
combining soy beans.  David informed
me that the combine was 35’ wide.  Wider than
Winnona is long.  Click on the pictures
if you want to see just HOW big it was.



It has been so long since we’ve been
in an “overlooks the interstate” park
that I’d forgotten to pay attention to that possibility
when figuring out where we will be staying
on our way from A to B

New Lisbon  is a PPA park. $15.03 a night for FHU
but not nearly as nice as the even less expensive
Sugar Creek and Millpoint campgrounds.

Our spot over looks a row of permanent set ups
of every shape and kind.
A rusted class C,
a small tent camper (still set up in late October?),
a trailer with a wooden deck/porch.
just to describe a few. See Duckie’s view for the picture.

They all back up to the “lake” which has I 70 as its other shore..
So we have 2nd row seats at the interstate.
Here’s our site with dark clouds overhead.

 New Lisbon Campground 003

Here’s Moby Duck’s view
complete with 18 wheeler going by on I 70.

 New Lisbon Campground 005

Actually this park is mostly permanents.
You drive through a whole village in a wooded area
to get to the one row of over night spots.
The overnights are in the middle of a field
with permanents in a ring all around the outside.



Definitely not my kind of place
but for a night or two…..and
the rains start tonight
so it won’t matter much where we are.

On the UP side,
it’s no where near as bad as Peter D’s in Great Falls
unless there is a train track behind me that I didn’t see.

Nights are cool enough that we won’t be leaving our
windows open for the soothing sounds of the interstate
traffic flying by.

We’ll be here two nights since we also don’t much like
the drive, sleep, drive plan.
And then it’s off to Ohio and Dillon State Park on Friday
potentially in the rain.

David picked up a couple pints of home made jam  in the office.
Red and black Raspberry respectively.

While he was up there working out that deal,
I got out our quarters to do the laundry
and to kill time went through them.
Found 28 states and arranged them in Alphabetical order.
Here are the jam and the quarters.
It’s our picture for today of the most excitement we had.

 New Lisbon Campground 007

Well almost.

New Lisbon does have a laundry
which neither Sugar Creek nor Millpoint had.
So it saved me a trip to town to a laundromat.
It really is nice to just walk over to the laundry
and put the wash in, come back, do something else
and go back for it in 30 minutes.

There are only 2 washers and 2 dryers though
so in the summer it might be
pretty tough getting a spot in the laundry line

The washers and dryers are old but the price was RIGHT.
$.75 for one washer regular size,
$1.00 for a large washer
and $.75 for an hour of drying.

I think this is the least expensive laundry we’ve ever had.
While the infamous Peter D’s had the most expensive!
I trudged on over

and ran into the “laundry dilemma”.
What to do, what to do ??

The washers were empty
but the two dryers were full so I waited half an hour
and came back to put my clothes in the washer
thinking the dryer folks might be finished.
I didn’t want to have the clothes sitting around in the washer
getting wrinkled waiting for the dryer.

Clothes in washer…….30 minutes later I came back.
My laundry was finished and the dryers were finished
but no one was there to get their clothes out so I could use the dryers.
What do you do in this case?

I waited about 10 minutes and then opened the top dryer.
Full of dry jeans.
There were two clothes baskets there so I folded the jeans
into one of them and put my large load of laundry in the dryer and started it up.
The clothes in the bottom dryer were not dry.
So I waited some more since I thought whoever
might want to dry them a bit more.

30 minutes later no one had come.
What do you do?

Do you take people’s clothing out of dryers or just wait until they return?

Weigh in with your opinion in the comments
section so I’ll know what to do next time
the laundry dilemma presents itself.


  1. A bit inconsiderate on their part. We keep our quarters in an old dill pickle jar so if you get one that smells like a pickle, it came from us.

  2. I believe your laundry etiquette was above reproach!!

    First, you did wait 10 minutes and then FOLDED the dry laundry...very nice touch;o))

    Second, you waited 30 minutes and no one returned. How rude are they!! I hope you took their clothes out of the dryer and put yours in. They only rented that dryer for 1 hour and their rental was OVER ;o((

  3. I was in the same dilemma once before. I waited and waited, then I put the clothes in a basket and put my clothes in the dryer. When the owner of the clothes returned, she wasn't very happy. Oh well...Maybe she learned a lesson. Or, maybe not. :)

  4. You are a saint! I never, ever saw anyone fold someone else's clothes.
    You were so nice to do it, but then I already knew you were nice.

    Tough noogies on the person that left the wet clothes in the dryer. I have seen unattended clothes dumped on the floor (not by me, though).

    Have I said how much I like our little washer/dryer in the Journey?

  5. The very reason that we opted for the Splendide in our Montana. The bad laundromat stories outweigh the good ones :) I have been known to take the stuff out of the dryer, and dump it in the waiting basket..especially if the laundry isn't even warm still!

  6. We give it about ten
    Minutes and then remove it is wonderful but no folding.

  7. plenty of time elapsed... take them out and dry yours...

  8. Well seems to be unanimous thus far that I should take the clothes out and consider myself very nice if I fold them up.

    I will say that although we have hook ups for a W/D, we don't have one on purpose for two reasons. First we don't want the weight and 2nd we don't want a coach big enough to have a full sized W/D and don't want to do laundry every day to use a little one.

    Laundry once every 10 days or 2 weeks is what we do and that's plenty enough for me. :-)

  9. We, too, have on-board washer and dryer, apt. sized (in a 38' MH). We never would have ordered them but they came in the used rig, and now we LOVE them!!

    In a laundromat, I remove clothes in either a washer or dryer that has stopped, and move them to a basket. Just because you have clothes in a stopped machine doesn't mean you own the dang thing!

    (Aren't you glad I have an on board machine instead of using a laundromat?)

  10. I always just take them out and fold them -figuring some absent minded person like myself has gotten distracted and will soon return.

  11. Love not having to use laundromats :-)

  12. Knock on wood, I haven't encountered that dilemma yet. As absent minded as I am, my fear is that I'M going to be the one that left her clothes in the washer or dryer, so I always set the kitchen timer to remind me to go back and take care of the laundry. I think you were sufficiently patient and extremely nice to fold the other person's clothes for them.


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