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Puttin’ the Shine On

Friday October 7, 2011
Millpoint Campground
Peoria, Illinois

Thursday was another lovely lazy morning.
Duckie was enjoying his view.
All set up & Rejex 001

I was enjoying mine.
All set up & Rejex 009

It has been simply gorgeous weather
here for the past 3 days
and we have so enjoyed being here
that we decided we’d just
stay through the week-end,
which will make it the entire week,
and use this time and great spot to get the shine on.

So after breakfast David Washed part of Winnona
got out the Rejex and went to work
waxing and polishing her up.
All set up & Rejex 004

All set up & Rejex 006
We hope Santa may bring him a ladder big enough
to enable him to reach the top.  But until then he
has it figured out.
All set up & Rejex 013

I volunteered to entertain the waxer by
reading aloud from Donald Hall’s
Unpacking the Boxes: A Memoir of a Life in Poetry.(I think he likes to keep me out of the way)

 All set up & Rejex 031

Took a break for a great lunch
at my favorite outdoor dining establishment.
All set up & Rejex 027
Yes that is dessert there at 4:00.
All set up & Rejex 028

And then back at it.

Don’t we both look happy??
All set up & Rejex 030
 All set up & Rejex 032

She’s gonna be SO spiffy when he gets finished.

Today, Friday,
David decided to give Ruby the wash and wax
routine first.  She deserves some TLC
after her rough bout with hail in Oklahoma
and being dragged around
after Winnona all these miles.

Shots of Millpoint campsite 004

Check out the end result.
Candy Apple RED for sure!!

Then back to work on Winnona.
Waxer and reader back on the job.

And then later, as if that wasn’t enough,
he decided he had to move
the converter box up front so he could
switch it back and forth between the rear and the front TV.
SOME day digital and flat screens will get up on our
list but we don’t watch enough TV for them to be there yet.
The man can’t sit down.  If there isn’t
something that “needs” to be done then
he’ll create something.

Shots of Millpoint campsite 006
BUT this idea didn’t work out so well.
He’d have to tell you the details of why not.
But everything will have to be put back.
But that’s for tomorrow.
He was plenty tired by bedtime.

A few week-enders moved in this afternoon
and they all, without exception,
have their party lights out, their campfires blazin’
and their music on. 

Shots of Millpoint campsite 010

And we found the first draw back to Millpoint.
There are no “rules”. 
No posted quiet hours and no one
from the management back here to know
how late the music goes on.
In this case about midnight.
Shots of Millpoint campsite 008

We of course have no lights, no fire, no music.
Just full timers on a permanent week-end
where the “partying” ends a bit earlier.


  1. Looking good. Wash and wax for Truck and coach are on our list for next week. I wonder if I can get Catherine to read to me :)

  2. I guess that's what so nice about being a full-timer..the weekenders go home :)

  3. Can't wait to join your party!!

    Everything thing, including you and David, looks great!! This slower pace really is great for all of you.

    Keep enjoying yourself:o))

  4. Darn those party hearty people! David is an inspiration to Eldy. He thinks he will get out and wash and wax tomorrow. Great weather here in Elkhart, IN as well! Miss you guys!

  5. Nice flag! And nice table cloth. Goes with the season. Those vehicles look so clean! Dad is endlessly industrious it seems :)

  6. So David is one of those kind of guys that if you lock him in a room with absolutly nothing to do, in no time he'd find reasons to work nights and weekends! ;c)

  7. if he gets too bored he can come to NC and wax our Abbie :)

  8. Ear plugs and a set of stilts and you guys are set.

  9. David, bored, nope. He's a professional putterer. No such thing as bored. But work nights an week-ends, always.

    Now stilts, there's an idea although I floated it past him and he says given the elbow grease requirement in buffing he didn't think stilts would make it.

    Nancy, Party has hardly started without you and Bill. We're just killin' time till ya'll get here.

    Let me know if Catherine takes up reading to the waxer! We could start a group.

    Week-enders did go home or at least wore themselves out.

    Did Eldy hit the wax?? If you read to him, maybe you can join the group. :-)

  10. David did an awesome job on Winnona and Ruby! We need to check into this Rejex stuff.
    Great photo of you in your lounger!


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