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Spud Update

Friday October 28, 2011
61 days til’ On the Road

I was surprised that only one commenter
had a unique place
they would tell folks not to miss.

I was hoping I would learn about some great places for
my “to be visited list”.

Well two actually since Dave
put me on to another Spudnuts in Berea, Ohio
where he says they  are also “the best donuts in town”.

Thanks Dave I’ll definitely be swinging by there
when I go through northern Ohio.

But it seems I didn’t explain the Spudnuts thing
very clearly or actually at all.

Spudnuts is not a franchise anymore.
It was in the beginning when the Pelton brothers
started it in Salt Lake City in 1948.
Then you could open a shop by
paying a $50 fee and buying 100 pounds
of the special potato flour.

By 1954 there were more than 300 shops
and a cartoon character,
Mr. Spudnut,
Mr spudnut

who appeared in their ads,
(check out the price for a dozen)
in the shops and even in parades.

Mr spudnut2

The Brothers sold the company in 1968.
And then it was sold again several times over the next 20 years.

In the 1980’s the parent company closed
leaving all the franchises to fend for themselves.

The original recipe was no longer available
from the company and the stores had to create their own.  

Over the life of the company there were 600 stores
in the US, Canada and Mexico.

In 1975 there were 170 in Japan.
But by 1989 there were only 28 stores.

The information I found says there are now 35 stores
the list on line is way longer than that.
Although I can attest that not all of these stores
are actually there as you know from my search
to find them.

Call before you go is my advice.

But keep trying, they are worth it.
At least the ones here in Charlottesville and
Dave’s store in Berea!!

Tomorrow I’ll let you in on what’s been happening
in the annual “services stop over”.
Bet you can hardly wait!   HA!!

Are you SURE you don’t have a
Unique place we all should check out?


  1. Well since u are begging.... Bend has the Pilot Butte Inn-really, really good gourmet burgers and fries. AND Dandy's for burgers too, they are a drive in with roller skaters delivering food in paper sacks. The Delux Dandy Burger has bacon, everything is made to order, BIG bacon 'n fry sauce to die for! Big chunky fries...Yumo!!!!!! I always drive to the top of Pilot Butte for the view while eating, only a couple blocks away.

  2. Shrimp Burgers at either El's in Morehead City, NC or Big Oak in Salter Path, NC. YUM!!

  3. Nuts or is that spuds- too late on the Berea Spudnuts location, we are out of Ohio moving south:(

  4. You could check out my unfinished basement, it is pretty unique. All the other houses in my neighborhood have finished ones. But you have to be quick, we close on 28 Nov... ;c)

  5. Anna's and Giovanni's both have the best pizza in Mechanicsville, VA. Union Dairy has the best ice cream in Freeport, IL. And for your chip fix, go to the Mrs. Mike's potato chip factory in Freeport, IL for a 5# box. . . or if you're not a hard-core chip addict like we are, you can buy a bag locally in the Freeport area.

  6. Heinnie's Back Barn in Elkhart, IN for the best steaks in town! Glad you got your donut fix! Eldy's been buying "longjohns" lately...not good for the waistline! But GREAT for a sugar fix!

  7. When in Tampa/St. Pete: Po' Boy at the 4th street shrimp store in St. Pete.


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