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In Search of Spudnuts

Saturday October 8, 2011
Millpoint Campground
Peoria, Illinois


One of the things I miss about my home town
of Charlottesville Virginia is its Spudnuts Donut shop,




I know I’ve talked about them before and
our quest to find its sister Shops on the road.

In Arkansas, Idaho and Utah we
were no where near the towns they were in.

We were all excited about the shop in Albuquerque
when we were there but the phone number
had been disconnected.

Finally, here in Peoria there was one listed and I
called about 2:00 yesterday.  Phone number still works
and the recorded message told me they are open from

4:30 AM to 10:30 AM Monday through Saturday. 
WOW!  Open at 4:30.  I know the owners in
Charlottesville are at work at 4:30 but the shop
doesn’t open until 6 am and stays open until 2pm.
However, if you aren’t there by 9, there aren’t many
choices left.


Armed with the hours and my feeling that we should
be there by 7:30 to have some choice, we set out
for the Peoria address this morning.
At 7:30 not 12:30.




But no Spudnuts.   We drove by the address twice.
No donut shop.  I hadn’t thought to bring my cell phone.
(you all already know what a bad cell phone user I am)
so we luckily found this soon to become extinct
pay phone and called the Spudnuts number.
This time it was 7:45AM.  BUT we got the same message.
Guess they don’t ever answer their phone.




We are nothing if not determined so we went
into this Kwik Mart, borrowed their phone book
and looked up Spudnuts.  




There it was, same phone
number, new address and in a town we were told
was “about half an hour from here”.
Well my dislike of driving/riding even overtakes
my love for Spudnuts. 
So again we were foiled.

Stop #2, Peoria’s Farmer’s Market
which conveniently opens at 8AM
and quickly took our mind off of donuts with
its wonderful fresh vegetables.




Baskets and bins were full.

Searching for Spudnuts 012_thumb


Searching for Spudnuts 013_thumb[2]

Garden Spot had the organic vegetables
and it was where we made most of our purchases
including a big bag of those delicious green beans.

Searching for Spudnuts 020_thumb[1]

Garden spot is a family business and they were behind
the counter and refilling the bins today.
Sisters, an uncle, a nephew and the two youngest.
One standing on a stool and the other to her left
were washing lettuce and filling bags with it.

Searching for Spudnuts 030_thumb[2]

Having gotten our good fresh organic veggies
we were walking back to the car when across
the parking lot we saw


Searching for Spudnuts 023A_thumb[1]


Our Spudnut disappointment vanished.


Searching for Spudnuts 026_thumb[1]

We brought a number of these pastries home with us
to continue to help with our disappointment.


Searching for Spudnuts 025_thumb[1]


We picked up the few other grocery items on our list
at a nearby Kroger supermarket and headed back
to resume waxing and reading.

Last day at Millpoint 005_thumb[1]


Reader takes a “give the voice a rest” break
in the warm Illinois October sunshine..


Last day at Millpoint 009_thumb[1]


As for those partying week-enders from last night,
We feel we have gathered enough evidence over
the past months to make the following statement.

Week-enders often wear themselves out partying
on Friday and are perfectly quiet on Saturday night.

And so it was again.  We didn’t hear a thing
even though party lights and fires were still there.


  1. Sherry, as far as i can tell that font is called 'coming soon' it is in the advanced part of layout. Where u can change font, size, color of letters. AND u have to change each little heading, which i found to be a pain... but it was interesting to see what changed with each little tweak :(
    Sorry about your search for donuts, but looks like u made out anyway! My cell has gps, which i have found extraordinarily exciting at times. Found the lawn mower guy & Sprint store with it!!!

  2. So what do you think it costs to use a pay phone to make a local call in Illinois today? I expect many of you, like me have not had to use one for many years. It was 50 cents! I was thinking it should cost a dime. Disappointed again ...

  3. Great farmers market... Sorry bout the donuts, but don't feel really bad since you seem to have purchased some acceptable stand-ins;o))

    Now, about Friday nighters wearing themselves out. Obviously, you haven't been around The Carolina Clan!! That crew will wear you out regardless of what night it is!!! So you have been warned;o))

  4. Many days don't go exactly as planned but end up good anyway. Great looking veggies.

  5. We have been known to go on fruitless searches for ice cream as well :)

  6. So nice to find your blog and I look forward to catching up. You caught me with the donuts hunt and the organic farmers market. Of course, your kayaking comment on my blog is what tipped me off, thanks for taking the time to comment.

  7. What a great farmers market find! Sorry about the donuts.

    Now, to confirm what Nancy said :) The Carolina Clan will keep it up night after night :) Laughter can be heard for miles around :) Of course, we also went home when quiet hours started. For most of us, it was past our bedtime!

  8. Those pastries look like s great substitute for spudnuts.

  9. Your statement about week-enders is absolutely true. We learned it while being campground hosts in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. If we could get through Friday night with no issues, we knew the weekend would be OK.

    And, I've never heard of Spudnuts. I'll have to keep an eye out for them.

  10. Great photo of the C-ville Spudnuts! We'll have to get some when you're back in town :)


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