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Just a tad bit windy for golf

Sunday October 16, 2011
Dillon State Park  Site 121
Nashport, Ohio


We’ve seen multiple disc golf courses lately.
And had some serious encouragement to give it
a try from Jeannie.
So when the rain stopped, 
and then the wind stopped, or we thought it did,
we decided  to take the park up on their
offer to loan us a fairway driver,
a midrange flier and a putter for $3 an hour.

We walked over to the camp store.

Dillon State Park 061 

Yesterday’s high winds had rearranged
some of the Halloween decorations.

Dillon State Park 062


But not all.

Dillon State Park 063 

We signed up,
took the bag with discs and score card,
and started off.


Interesting Tee Poles.
They show you a sketch of each “hole”
or basket or whatever is the correct term.

And you tee of from here.


Disc Golf 001


We started out on the first of nine holes.
I think David’s trying to add some
hocus pocus to his throw.


Disc Golf 002


Now he has been a Frisbee player in the past.
Ok the long past.
I have thrown one once or twice.


Here I am giving it the old college try.



But it wasn’t long until I got myself into
an “out of bounds” spot.
Talk about a thorny situation.

I ended up here.
Check out those THORNS!

Disc Golf 004


I threw it right under this honey locust tree.
Some spiky thorns here.
Wicked looking isn’t it??

Disc Golf 007


David on the other hand improved as
he went along and made several
of the 9 holes
at par and one under par.


Disc Golf 010


The winds came back and made this
first ever disc golf game a real challenge.
As if it wasn’t already for at least one of us.


Disc Golf 008 


My goal soon became to try to keep my
score at 2X par. J
My turn became known as “5 yards and a cloud of dust”.
Any old Ohio State Woody Hayes fans will recognize
that altered phrase.




Not sure why this man looks so dejected
as he walks through the hundreds of
black walnuts on the pathway.
He’s skunking his opponent.


Disc Golf 013


It was a beautiful afternoon for this second
in my series of afternoon “walks”.
My ankle seems to approve.

Disc golf is a good game for someone recovering
from a leg injury.
It’s all in the arms.


On the way back, I got this shot of Winnona
sitting alone in the empty campground
on this Sunday afternoon.


Disc Golf 014


Maybe there will be no one at all here tomorrow afternoon.
We’re heading out for West Virginia.


  1. Boy, things certainly thin out when the weather changes in the Mid-West and East, huh? Everybody heading South??

  2. Wow, that looks like fun!! Perhaps that is a form of golf I could play since you only need to use your right arm. Sold my real golf clubs after my shoulder accident;o((

    Really glad to hear that your ankle is doing better and not complaining too much about the extended exercise:o))

    Love the photo of Winonna... she actually looks so peaceful in that setting!! Kind of camping spot I love to find.

  3. How fun! I have never played- always wanted to give it a try. I has been really windy here as well.

  4. Not only does that look like a lot of fun, it appears to be much more budget friendly than real golf :)
    We, too, sold our clubs. Maybe this could be in all our futures :)

  5. I guess the gear required for Frisbee golf is lots lighter and cheaper than regular golf. That alone makes it more attractive for RVers.

    Of course the frustration level is probably the same! ;c)

  6. We saw one of these courses at a lovely park in Brady TX. . .had no idea how to play. . .thanks for sharing. BTW. . .black walnuts are awesome for the BBQ pit. . .sorta like using hickory chips, but even better.


  7. They had one of these courses at our last campground. We decided not to play as, with my lack of ability when it comes to throwing, would surely have meant a trip to the ER when I boinked Dan in the head! Sounds like you guys are having fun!

  8. Isn't it great to have the campground all to yourself? So nice and peaceful.


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