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A Walk in the Woods

Saturday October 15, 2011
Dillon State Park Site 121
Nashport, Ohio


The rains had stopped by
the time the sun came up.
The winds were blowing in
excess of 20mph when David
went out for his run.
Gotta get up earlier to beat those winds.

In what is getting to be our regular routine,
I did an hour of yoga while he was
running.  Some folks commented that they’d
like to do yoga.  I found what I think is a
nice reasonably easy on-line video if you’d
like to give it a try.
She’s pretty easy to follow once you’ve
seen what she is doing.
Yoga Video


Once he got back and did his stretching,
it was time for lunch
and then we thought we’d go out
for a walk and give this ankle a try
on something longer than the
grocery store aisles.


I think we both agree that Dillon State Park
gets the award for THE worst hiking maps.
But it didn’t matter too much this time
since all I wanted to do was get on any
trail and see if I could walk a bit and
be outside in the woods.


So I put on my walking shoes for the
first time in about 6 weeks.  I’ve been
wearing sandals which don’t come up
around my ankles like regular shoes or boots do.

Off we went.
We wandered around a while
looking for the trail access.

If I can walk say a half mile, I wonder if
I could play Disc Golf?
There is yet another course here.
I had NO idea it was so popular.


Dillon State Park 031


Here’s the mode of camping I did before Winnona.


Dillon State Park 032


We finally found a trail.

Dillon State Park 033


With all the leaves, the trail was a bit hard to see. 
And even harder to see in this picture.
But it was beautiful in
the woods and I was so glad to be
there walking slowly.
We were the only folks around.


Dillon State Park 036 

David took the lead and cleared the path
a bit when he thought necessary.
We actually like to scuff our feet through
the leaves so this gave him a perfect excuse.


Dillon State Park 038

The trails had interesting markers.
Would you think this was the yellow trail?
the purple trail?
or the red trail?


Dillon State Park 040

How about the “signs” on the pole?

Dillon State Park 041


Here was David’s favorite other sign.


Dillon State Park 044




Check out the size of this sycamore leaf!

I think I’ll come as leaf woman to the Halloween party
I’m sure you are having and will invite me to.
Although time is running out and I haven’t
gotten the invitation yet.




Along one side of the trail, we could
see the lake through the trees but
there was no trail to the shore.


Dillon State Park 050


The woods was a mixed deciduous forest
with mostly trees with which we are familiar.
Oaks, poplar, ironwood, sycamore, maple and beech.
Many large trees in this lovely fall woods.


Dillon State Park 054


We didn’t go all that far or all that fast,
but I really enjoyed being out and just walking along.




  1. Nice to see you out in the woods again!! That is so theraputic:o))

    Hope the ankle agreed and isn't too sore tomorrow.

    I will be checking the yoga video or I might wait for my personal lessons in January ;o))

  2. Hey Leaf Lady,
    I can just smell the dry leaves as you scuffled through them. The Fall is such a welcomed time of year. Enjoy the woods.

  3. I like to hear the crunch of leaves beneath my feet on a crisp fall day. Hope your ankle is continuing to heal nicely.

  4. Glad you are venturing out on the ankle, and it's doing better. Love scuffing through leaves in the fall :)

  5. You must have been in heaven after all these weeks! Keep up the good work :)

  6. Looks like those trail markers were designed by a government committee!

    Hope you're happy with how your ankle performed after all that hiking. Maybe it's gooder than new?

  7. Hey, hey, hey! You're hiking again! Yippee! And no complaints? Love the leaf idea..We have a socket and plug costume for sale if you want it! The woman is...yeah, you guess it, the socket! One size fits all, haha!

  8. I have often wondered if the same sadist designs all trail markers :)

  9. Hey kindred spirit, we almost brushed elbows again. I was following you through Indiana for a bit. Our son just bought a house in Indianapolis and we took I-74 to Naptown for a visit. Dang, just missed you. Glad you are walking in the woods again. Enjoy!

  10. Just found you wonderful blog. Thanks for the Yoga link. And maybe you'd like to try walking poles. They are especially great for saving your knees while adding 20% to your workout but should take a little pressure off your ankles also.

    I got them for hiking along in California mountains but use them for flatland walking as well.

    Here is a link to Nordic walking:


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