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Henry David Thoreau


Saturday October 21, 2011
On the road again in
67 days 18 hours 7 minutes and 2 seconds

If you’ve been following along on the quest for
Spudnuts you will know that it has been
completely unsuccessful despite all my
efforts to find the locations around the country listed
on the spudnuts website.
Phone numbers that no longer are in service,
shops that have moved or
addresses that don’t exist.
It’s been frustrating.

But no more.
I know the location of this one
and I set out early
for my potato donut fix.

I promised I would not put a picture
of the lovely proprietress on the internet
so sadly you will not get to see her
smiling face. She told me to take
her son’s picture instead. He was moving
trays of donuts from the kitchen to
the sales room but adopted his
mom’s fear of fame as you’ll see.

I’ll just let spudnuts speak for itself.
But notice that it is only 7:30 am and
the shelves are already emptying.. The baker
is working as fast as he can but
they are flying out the door dozens
at a time.

Home day 3 005

Home day 3 008

Home day 3 009

Home day 3 012

Home day 3 011

Home day 3 013A

Home day 3 014

In your travels, when you come to
see the Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge
Parkway and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello
and the serpentine walls at the University of
Virginia which he designed

– and you know you will at some point-

don’t miss these great SPUD DONUTS.

Home day 3 026A

But get there early!! J

I took away a dozen coconut!
fresh hot coconut donuts.
I’ve waited a LONG time for these.

Home day 3 027

What’s the unique place in your current or former home town
that you would tell folks not to miss?


  1. Glad you finally got your fix! Withdrawal symptoms are not fun.

    How long did that dozen last? I'm seeing dozens more in your future before you hit the road again. :c)

  2. They look awesome and I gained 5# just from the picture!!! It's not fair! :)

  3. ah man. ..wish I woulda known about it while we were in Charlottesville this summer. . .those look yummy.


  4. Wow, was at Monticello last Oct, had i only known!!!

  5. Was this one of the CHORES you had to come home to do?? ;o))

    Glad you finally can mark that off your chores list. Now as soon as you finish off the dozen get back to task. Times a ticking!!!

    Hey, do you think they freeze well. I bet they would taste great with ICE CREAM!!!

  6. Yum! They look delicious! Will have to stop by if our travels ever take us that way! Glad you got your fix!

  7. On another day these would look lovely...however...ever since the wedding..all we've done is EAT!! My favorite thing to eat and is a no-miss while in Monterey Bay is Abalone ;-)

  8. Those look absolutely scrumptous! Will HAVE to try those when we're back in the area!

  9. We have a Spudnuts here in Berea, Ohio. I did not know they were chain store. I do know they have the best donuts in town.

  10. They look yummy. Glad you were able to find them.

    Two must go to places are Kepleys bbq in High Point, NC and Stellas hamburgers in Bellevue Nebraska.

  11. Here's my top 5.

    Cincinnati Chili in Cincinnati.
    Toasted Ravoli on "The Hill" in St. Louis.
    Mexican at Espos Mexican Food
    in Chandler, AZ
    LaRosa's Pizza in Cincinnati.
    Pie in Pie Town, NM. (ok, I haven't been there, but I'm dying to go)

  12. Now we have a reason to return to the C'ville ... and it won't be just to see some of the interesting sights!


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