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Candy Day!!!

Friday October 14, 2011
Dillon State Park Site 121
Nashport, Ohio

I depend a lot on the weather folks
to let me know what to expect
and often where to go to avoid it

But there are times when I love it if they are wrong.
That actually happens often enough
it should bring a lot of happiness into life.
And it did today.

Rain had been predicted for all day and
all night for at least the next 2 days.
But It did not rain in the morning
or the afternoon
or until we were parked and leveled and all hooked up.
Hoo Ray!!

That made our travels on I 70 through Ohio much nicer.
If I 70 could be said to be “nice”.

We left New Lisbon Indiana and in two
shakes of Winnona’s tail we were
in Ohio.

I was totally unprepared to find
the signs for the exit to my Grandparents’ home town
in Ohio came before the welcome to Ohio sign.
I knew they lived close to the Indiana line but
boy that is REALLY close when the Ohio State
Line comes after the exit to your house in Ohio.

My Grandparents’ home, where my mother grew up
and I visited often as a child,  was on the National Road,
Route 40, long before I 70 was even an idea.
No idea who lives in his home now but
I saw the exits for both the road
and the town almost before I could get the camera out. 

Some day if I ever get the genealogy bug
I’ll stop by.

Dillon State Park 001A

Dillon State Park 003

The next sign was the Ohio Line.
I wonder if Ohio has welcoming arches over
all of its interstate entrances??

Dillon State Park 005

We stopped at the Welcome Center to
pick up a state map.  I was impressed
that the Ohio State Transportation folks
are obviously thinking about energy savings
and made their Welcome Center an
Earth Sheltered building.
Great looking building and I’ll bet it saves
the taxpayers a bundle.

Dillon State Park 009

Although my mother grew up in Lewisburg,
she moved to Dayton when she married
my father.  So I grew up in the western side of Ohio.
I waved to my hometown of Dayton
as we drove past the exit for it.
I left at age 18 and except for infrequent visits never went back.
I lived in much more interesting places so
my parents usually came to visit me.

Dillon State Park 014

The only thing I ever missed from there was ESTHER PRICE CANDY.
(just click the links)

I know I’ve talked about this greatest candy in the world on
this blog before.  And I realized as we came into Ohio
that I could buy some here and have it NOW rather than
waiting for someone who loves me to send me some
for my birthday.
I have no problems with delayed gratification
of course.

So I got on the laptop and started searching away.
Where were the retail outlets? 
Too far into Dayton.
Where else was it sold?

Turns out it is sold in other retail stores
including Kroger Grocery in a few cities in Indiana,
lots of cities in Kentucky, in Crossville,
Tennessee and in TONS of cities in Ohio.

So I set out to find a Kroger Grocery right off
of I 70 on the way.

Huber Heights Kroger is visible from the
interstate so I stopped on by.

Dillon State Park 016

And they knew I was coming and put it
How GREAT is that!!
Dillon State Park 017

Do your sweet tooth a BIG favor.
If you are ever in Ohio or any other
place that sells it pick up a box and see for yourself.

store locator
Or order it on line, they will ship it to you anywhere.
Order away!

First piece is so heavenly I have to close
my eyes in anticipation.


after 181 miles and a bit of confusion
about the directions to get to the park,
we finally made it and are set up in Site 121.

Dillon State Park 023

Moby Duck’s view
Dillon State Park 066

The rains started about 2 minutes
after we came in from all the set up and closed the door.
Good sleeping weather.
No trains, no interstate.
Esther Price,
quiet sleeping,
Life is Grand!!


  1. I know what you mean about craving certain candy. Growing up in California, See's candy was always my favorite, and unless I got some for Christmas, I never got any. Now, when we fly anywhere, I can find it in airports all over the country. Some malls even have it!


  2. Love of photo of you tasting that first chocolate;o))

    Wow, this was your lucky day!!

    No rain, favorite candy, and good sleeping conditions...

  3. The candy sounds delightful and I died laughing at your "quarters" story from an earlier post. I love these details. Looks like you're getting closer to the *real* C'ville. You'll have to continue this blog when you're home . . . even if it's only about sorting quarters! Otherwise, I'll go into withdrawal. See you soon!

  4. MMM another food to try. Can't wait. Glad you were able to get your fix.

  5. Wow-we are camped at the air base in Dayton, and our daughter is living in Huber Heights. Small world. We will have to look for the candy before we take off for parts south.

  6. Glad you are enjoying the good life! Candy and traveling when and where you want to! I'm getting "hitch-itch" but leave for D.C. on Tuesday so that will help! :-) We're having lots of fun with Eldy's family.

  7. We're candy-aholics so will most definitely have to give Esther Price a try.


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